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County Court at Law 2

Judge Kerri Foley promises to:

  • Maintain fairness, integrity and professionalism in the courtroom.
  • Apply the law as written, not legislate from the bench.
  • Manage the court’s docket productively and efficiently, dismissing frivolous cases and saving taxpayer dollars.
  • Represent your conservative values, protect victims, and hold criminals accountable.

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Your Friends and Neighbors endorsing

Judge Kerri Foley:


Respected Attorneys

  • Jonathan Zendeh Del, Esquire, Zendeh Del and Associates
  • Kevin Rekoff, Esquire, Attorney at Law
  • Christina Tillinger, Esquire, Krieger & Tillinger
  • Dan Krieger, Esquire, Krieger & Tillinger
  • Kristina Lucas, Esquire, Lucas Law
  • Emily A. Fisher, Esquire, Attorneys at Law
  • Fred D. Raschke, Esquire, Mills Shirley
  • Robert Booth, Esquire, Mills Shirley
  • Benjy Shabot, Esquire, Beeton Shabot
  • Marcia Zimmerman, Esquire, ZimmermanLutterbie
  • Ramzey Zein-Eldin, Esquire, Ramzey Zein-Eldin and Associates
  • Genevieve McGarvey, Esquire, Mcleod Alexander Powell & Apffel
  • David Salyer, Esquire, Mcleod Alexander Powell & Apffel
  • David Thornton, Esquire, Thornton Law Firm
  • Gregory Cagle, Esquire, Attorney at Law, PC
  • Mo Ibrahim, Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP
  • Michael Elliott, Ibrahim & Elliott, LLP
  • Genevieve McGarvey, McLeod, Alexander, Powell & Apffel
  • Jeff Kilgore, Kilgore Mediation Services


Law Enforcement Support:

  • League City Police Officers Association
  • Santa Fe Police Officers Association
  • Galveston Police Officers Association
  • Texas City Police Officers Association




Republican Party and Community Leaders

  • Honorable Joe Giusti, Commissioner, Galveston County, Precinct 2
  • Honorable Darrell Apffel, Commissioner, Galveston County, Precinct 1
  • Honorable Jimmy Fullen, Constable, Galveston County, Precinct 2
  • Honorable Pat Hallisey, Mayor, City of League City
  • Honorable Hank Dugie, Councilman, City of League City
  • Honorable Tim Paulissen, Former Mayor, City of League City
  • Honorable Andy Mann, Former Councilman, City of League City
  • Sandra Tetley,  Secretary, Galveston Republican Party,  Precinct Chair, Pct. 276
  • Loretta Roberts
  • Marilyn Harris,  Galveston Island Pachyderm Club
  • Barbara Meeks, Former President Clear Creek Republican Women
  • Don Pollock, Treasurer, Galveston County Republican Party, Pct. Chair, Pct. 150
  • Lloyd and Jeannie Koenig, Former President of Galveston Republican Women
  • Linda Burton, Precinct Chair, Pct. 306
  • Tina Kirbie
  • Betty Henry
  • Garet Nenninger
  • Melissa Johnson
  • Dean and Billie Listiak
  • Carol Medway
  • Brad Boney 

No candidate runs a successful campaign without the support of their community.   Thank you for giving serious consideration to me, my experience and credentials when casting your vote for Judge of County Court at Law No. 2.

Please contact me, Kerri Foley, if you have any questions, comments or want to endorse.  I may be reached by completing the contact form or by phone at 281-455-7120.   I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and credentials with you.   

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