Judge Kerri Foley

Experience & Qualifications

Judge Kerri Foley


2019 to Present – Presiding Judge, Galveston County Court at Law No. 2
2013 to 2014 – Presiding Judge, Galveston County Court at Law No. 3
2015 to 2018 – Galveston County Magistrate
2018 to 2018 – Associate Municipal Judge, City of League City
2017 to 2018 – Associate Municipal Judge, City of Webster
2015 to 2018 – Associate Municipal Judge, City of Kemah
2011 to 2013 – Juvenile Referee (Judge), Galveston County Juvenile Court
2003 to 2013 – Presiding Municipal Judge, City of League City
2015 to 2018 – Kerri M. Foley, Attorney at Law (Private Practice)
2001 to 2011 – Kerri M. Foley, Attorney at Law (Private Practice)
2000 to 2001 – Merino & Foley, Attorneys at Law (Private Practice)
1995 to 2000 – Assistant District Attorney, Galveston County District Attorney’s Office
1998 to 2000 – Chief Prosecutor, Misdemeanor Division
1996 to 1998 – Prosecutor, Misdemeanor Division
1995 to 1996 – Prosecutor, Family Division
1994 to 1995 – Assistant, General Counsel, Texas Department of Criminal Justice
1990 to 1994 – Supervisor, Harris County Children’s Protective Services
1985 to 1990 – Investigator, Brazoria County Children’s Protective Services

Experience & Qualifications

Judge Foley has a record for running a court that is efficient, orderly and fiscally conservative. As a Judge, she has a reputation for being fair, compassionate and hard working.

As the Juvenile Court Judge in Galveston County for two years, Judge Foley implemented policies that greatly improved the court’s efficiency and productivity. She took great pleasure in helping the troubled youth of our County by holding them accountable and guiding them to a productive, law-abiding lifestyle.

Prior to being elected as Judge in County Court No. 2, Judge Foley was selected and appointed by County Officials to run another county court.  Judge Foley restored order and integrity to that court.

In addition, over the past two decades, Judge Foley has been a Judge, for several local municipalities: including the Cities of League City, Kemah and Webster.

Kerri Foley practiced law  in this community for over 28 years in this community.

As a successful attorney, Kerri litigated to resolution over 1200 family law cases and a variety of civil cases. As a Judge, she has presided over thousands of criminal, family and civil cases.

While a Chief Prosecutor with the Galveston County Criminal District Attorney’s Office, Kerri was ultimately responsible for all cases filed in the misdemeanor division, more than 3,500 at any given time. She was also responsible for personally prosecuting the more serious and sensitive cases.

Judge Foley is the Administrative Judge for the Galveston County, County Courts at Law. 

Kerri was selected by her colleagues, the other Judges in the County, to the following positions:

  • CHAIR, Galveston County Juvenile Board (2014)  (2020)
  • VICE CHAIR, Galveston County Criminal Courts Board (2014)

Republican Party Commitment:

Judge Foley is a committed conservative. She has been an active member of the community for the last 20 years. Kerri is a member of Clear Creek Republican Women (where she served as Vice President of Membership from 2011 to 2013), Gulf Coast Republican Women, Galveston Republican Women, Galveston County Pachyderm Club, Galveston County Republican Network and Mid-County Republican Network.

Professional Memberships, Affiliations or Acknowledgements:

Professional Memberships:

  • Texas Municipal Courts Association
  • State of Texas Bar Association
  • Galveston County Bar Association
  • Galveston County Family Bar Association
  • Department of Health, Minor Alcohol Awareness Course (Licensed Instructor 2001- 2006)

Civic/ Community Affiliations:

  • Friendswood Chamber of Commerce
  • League City Chamber of Commerce
  • Texas City Chamber of Commerce
  • North Galveston County Chamber of Commerce (2012-2014)
  • Galveston Chamber of Commerce (2013-2014)
  • Texas Gulf Coast Republican Women
  • Clear Creek Republican Women (V.P. of Membership 2011-2013)
  • Galveston Republican Women
  • Galveston Island Pachyderm Club
  • Perry YMCA (North Galveston County) Board Member (2003-2005)
  • Bay Area Network Group
  • Galveston Network Alliance
  • A Girl and A Gun Club (2013-2015)
  • NRA

Contributor, Volunteer and/or Supporter:

  • Galveston County Child Advocacy Center
  • Galveston County Resource Crisis Center
  • Independence Village
  • Galveston Island Humane Society
  • Galveston County Food Bank
  • Junior League of Galveston County
  • Galveston County Animal Shelter
  • League City Animal Shelter
  • Dog Dynasty, Kennels for a Cause (Last Chance Pet Rescue)

Please contact me, Kerri Foley, by completing the contact form or by phone 281-455-7120 if you have any questions about my experience and qualifications.  

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